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Spring Sunshine

It’s nearly April and we’re heading towards longer days and warmer temperatures. We were fortunate to have some wonderful weather during the Good Friday and Easter Monday long weekend. Everywhere you looked there were people walking their dogs, riding their bikes, eating ice cream or enjoying the sunshine on restaurant patios.

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Hanging Glacier and Waterfalls

Some photographers recommend leaving your images for a few weeks before editing them. If you look at your images to soon after taking them you may not be seeing them with the right amount of objectivity. Recently, I was looking at a portfolio of images that I took last summer in the Canadian Rockies and I came across this photo of some waterfalls next to a hanging glacier. I found it much more appealing now then when I edited my images right after my trip.

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Windblown Snow

This week I was able to go snowshoeing on a weekday. There wasn’t the crowd of people you experience on a weekend, I was able to find a parking spot relatively close to the trailhead and there were fewer hikers on the trail. ┬áIt was cold, windy and my hands froze operating my camera. On the way down in the dark walking along through the trees, the trail illuminated a few feet in front of me by my Petzl headlamp and the sound of my snowshoes crunching on the snow, I realized how spending time in the wilderness balances and enriches my life. What a great day.

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