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Point Atkinson Battery

During World War II a Lower Mainland Defense System was built to protect the port of Vancouver from enemy raids. Between Point Atkinson (North) and Point Grey (South) ran an imaginary line called the examination line. This marked off the harbour, all ship traffic beyond this point had to be inspected and authorized. There was a gun battery at Point Atkinson and also at Point Grey where the Museum of Anthropology now stands. The barracks that used to house the gunners at Point Atkinson are still there and are now part of Lighthouse Park. The images I took below shows the battery overlooking the Narrows which was built in 1942. As I hiked back to my vehicle I heard the distinct call of a Barred owl. It was a nice evening to be outside exploring with my camera.



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Spring Run-Off

The Cleveland Dam is a concrete dam at the head of the Capilano River in North Vancouver, that holds back Capilano Lake, also known as Capilano reservoir. Part of the Capilano River Regional Park, it is not used for generating hydroelectricity, but rather for storing a portion of the Lower Mainland’s drinking water. It was started in 1951 and completed in 1954, and is named after Ernest Cleveland, first chief commissioner of the Greater Vancouver Water District.

Unlike the rest of Canada, we didn’t receive a lot of snow this Winter. Right now the snowpack in the mountains is melting and a large volume of water is flowing over the dam.

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