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I woke up early this morning to take some images at sunrise. Even though I was outside at 5:00 a.m. I had already missed the golden light. In this photo, the way the trees have been planted and the design of the benches reminded me of Stonehenge in England. I like how the lights have been mounted underneath the benches. Despite taking over this small  mound, the grass is unable to grow directly under each light. The grass grows right up to the point where it can no longer tolerate the heat from the light bulb. A standoff exists between the grass and light.

After returning home I started to read the Sunday newspaper. There was an article about an individual and it stated that he had a keen interest in photography “…which is known as  a gateway into the wilder world of art”. At first I liked this quote, but the more I thought about it I realized it showed little respect for photography. Is the author saying that photography isn’t considered a legitimate form of art? It seems photography still struggles for credibility.

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Beauty Is Everywhere

Recently, I was walking downtown and passed by a bridge where some construction was taking place. Some heavy metal cable was hanging down and it immediately caught my eye. The way it had been spliced and tied off reminded me of a sculpture that could hang as contemporary art in a gallery. I’m sure it wasn’t intentional by the construction workers, but they inadvertently created a beautiful sculpture. Beauty is all around us. I see it every day and sometimes in the most unlikely of places.


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