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Stanley Park

Stanley Park is in downtown Vancouver and surrounded by the Pacific ocean.┬áThe land was originally used by aboriginal people for thousands of years. It was later turned into Vancouver’s first park when the city incorporated in 1886. The park was named after Lord Stanley, a British politician who had been appointed governor general. While I was exploring the park the clouds parted for a short period of time creating these heavenly beams of sunlight. It was wonderful to see, but difficult to capture the beauty with a digital camera.



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Why I’m Inspired By Joseph O. Holmes

Joseph O. Holmes is a New York street photographer who posts a new image every day on his website. His photos are mostly taken of people in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and occasionally elsewhere. The use of sunlight and shadows, balloons and steam are recurring themes in his work. His photos make me want to explore New York with my camera. Today I spent sometime taking images downtown.






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The Ring Road

The Ring Road is a national road in Iceland that runs around the island and connects most of the inhabited parts of the country. The total length of the road is 1,332 kilometres and it was completed in 1974, coinciding with the 1100th anniversary of the country’s settlement.


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Dreaming of Ice

Today I was thinking about the beautiful chunks of ice and icebergs that I saw this summer. I spent some time processing a few images from my trip. The blue colour is truly unique and cannot be reproduced by any artist.




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