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Antarctica: A Year On Ice

This evening I was fortunate to see the documentary movieĀ Antarctica: A Year On Ice. The film was directed by Anthony Powell and it looks at the lives of people who live at the McMurdo Station year round. In the Winter they have to endure four months of never ending darkness. It was visually stunning and I enjoyed the time lapse photography. It’s a dream of mine to one day take images in Antarctica.


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Season’s Greetings

Happy holidays everyone. A few years ago I took this photo at the Stovepipe Wells campground in Death Valley National Park. It was windy at night and the rocks on the base of the Christmas tree prevented it from being blown over.


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The Tantalus Range


The Tantalus Range in the Coast Mountains covered in fresh snow. Mount Tantalus is the highest in the range at 2603 m ( 8540 feet ). I like the combination of the wispy clouds at sunset.

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Breakthrough Photography – Filters

I first heard about Breakthrough Photography through their Kickstarter campaign. They are a group of photographers who have decided to create their own UV, Circular Polarizer and Neutral Density filters. What I like about these filters is each filter is double-threaded which ensures that the lens cap will stay on. There is Multi-Resistant and Nano coatings. They are also very thin which will help to eliminate vignetting. I’m looking forward to taking images with some of these filters.


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