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The Race Horse

At the Hastings Park Race Track the horses are exercised early in the morning. I spent some time using a slow shutter speed, panning the camera with the action and snapping the shutter. I like this photo because the jockey is stationary and for the most part in focus. The background and legs of the galloping horse are blurred which conveys a sense of motion and speed. I also like the flying tail of this beautiful animal. Click on the photo to see a larger version.


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Worldwide WOW Photo Competition

The results are in and one of my images won an amateur honourable mention in the Worldwide WOW Photo Competition. The photo is titled Vancouver Fog.



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What I Learned From Ted Grant

Ted Grant’s career as a photojournalist spans sixty years. He has received the Order of Canada and won many awards as a photographer. His iconic image of the the prime minister, Pierre Trudeau, sliding down the bannister at the 1968 Liberal convention in Ottawa is a wonderful photo. In an interview he said that as a photojournalist he doesn’t run around with his camera, he just finds his spot and then he waits.

When I arrived at this location I really liked the perspective of all the seaplanes in a line. There were two mechanics and they had removed the engine cowling of the seaplane at the front and I took a few images but wasn’t happy with the photos. So I waited. The mechanics were testing the engine and then they had to reattach several pieces of the engine cowling. One mechanic finished the job by grabbing a hose and spraying the area of the seaplane where they had been working. As a photographer sometimes you need to be patient and like Ted Grant says, you need to find your spot and just wait…



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Evening Breeze

These ravens were gliding or hovering in the evening breeze. I enjoyed standing here and watching them. Eventually they would land in the trees and then take off again and continue to play in the wind. Click on the image to see a larger version.



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The Boathouses

I’ve wanted to photograph these boathouses ever since I first spotted them. I like the reflection of the boathouses in the water and because the interior is lit and the glass is semitransparent they remind me of a Japanese lantern. A long exposure took care of any ripples in the water. Click on the image to see a larger version.


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