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Decompress and Unplug

Three beautiful days of sunshine in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. I really enjoyed hiking through the rainforest, walking on the beach and listening to the relaxing sound of the surf. Ate my fill of fish tacos and salmon burgers. To see the images click on the first image and then use the right and left keys to scroll through the gallery.

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Thank You Tofino

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve is one of my favourite places to camp. The kilometres¬†of rugged shoreline, dramatic old-growth forest, tide pools and sprawling beaches make it an ideal place to explore with my camera. Although there was a wolf advisory in effect and I was sleeping in a tent, I didn’t see or hear any of these animals. After eating my fair share of salmon burgers and fish tacos I returned to the hectic pace and traffic noise of Vancouver. Even though I’ve only been home for a couple of days I already miss the relaxing sound of the surf…





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Traffic Chaos

On Family Day here in British Columbia the weather was sunny with a mild temperature and thin wispy clouds. It looked like it was going to be a beautiful sunset, so I thought this location would make for a nice photo. When I returned to my vehicle I experienced a huge amount of traffic volume which resulted in me taking several hours to get home. Note to self, in the future, don’t try to drive anywhere in the lower mainland on the Monday of a long weekend. Click on the image to see a larger version.


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Carpe Diem

A tripod and the self timer function on my camera allowed me to take this image. A wonderful view of the Fraser River and clear blue sky complete the photo. Click on the image to see a larger version.


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Stawamus Chief Provincial Park

The Stawamus Chief is located next to Howe Sound and it’s the second largest granite monolith in the world. Last weekend I spent an evening and a morning on the summit of the third peak. At sunrise, the light was amazing as the fog burned off. The third peak is 702 metres high and it was a tough grind climbing it with my photography equipment, however, the images I got made the effort worthwhile. Click on the first image in the gallery to see a larger version of each photo.

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Garibaldi Lake

I just returned from camping overnight at Garibaldi Lake. This allowed me to take images at sunset and sunrise, something you can’t do during a day hike. The 900 metres of elevation gain was quite challenging carrying a multi-day pack, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tripod, DSLR camera, lens, polarizer, remote shutter release, extra battery, down jacket, fleece pants, food, water, keys, wallet, Petzl headlamp, bug repellent, glasses and toilet paper. What many hikers on the trail incorrectly referred to as a ‘big bee’ were actually large horseflies which can give you a nasty bite.

There wasn’t any interesting cloud formations when I arrived, but the stillness of the water was good for reflections. Just after sunset a spectacular full moon rose behind the Sphinx glacier. I was up at 5:30 a.m. taking pictures along the shore of the lake and I had it all to myself. It was hard to leave such a beautiful place, I wish I could have stayed longer. Click on an image and then use the left and right keys on your computer keyboard.

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Garibaldi Lake – Battleship Islands

Today I hiked up to Garibaldi Lake which in hiking circles is considered a classic. The distance was 19 km with 810 metres of elevation gain. At the end of the hike is a large turquoise lake, which was still covered in slushy ice, surrounded by mountains and glaciers. This photo shows the Battleship Islands and Mount Price in the distance reflected in the waters of Garibaldi Lake. The lake had deep snow all around it and me in my hiking shorts. Click on the picture to see a larger version.


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Last Light

This afternoon I was taking images of waterfalls just before the sun set behind a mountain on the other side of the valley. By using a 3-Stop Neutral Density filter I was able to use a longer exposure to blur the water.



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700 Metres Of Vertical

Today I hiked to the top of the Third Peak or North Summit of the Stawamus Chief. When you reach the glacier-polished granite summit you are rewarded with a view in all directions. A chipmunk joined me for lunch. This small mammal is difficult to photograph because it rarely sits still.



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Mount Shuksan

Mount Shuksan in North Cascades National Park on a beautiful day in September. When I took this image, I waited until there was no wind to get a nice reflection of the mountain in the lake. Some colourful Paddle-Tailed Darner dragonflies seemed very curious about me, my tripod and camera.


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