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Skooba Design

Whenever I travel I have to take so many cables and cords with me for my camera, iPod and iPhone. Sometimes it can be a real challenge to keep everything organized and remember what cable or cord goes with which portable electronic device. Recently I purchased a product from Skooba Design called the Cable Stable DLX which has elastic loops and pockets to organize your cords, wires, cables, AC power blocks, adapters, batteries etc. The protective case makes everything easy to find. It’s well constructed and so far I’m really happy with my purchase. I ordered the Cable Stable Combo Pack which also comes with the Cable Stable Mini.

© Jens Preshaw


© Jens Preshaw


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Steve Jobs

The CEO of Apple recently passed away after a long battle with cancer. As someone with a strong interest in technology, Steve Jobs was a real inspiration to me. It was his vision that was largely responsible for the development of the iPhone and the iPad. I use some of the photography apps on my iPhone 4 and have found them extremely useful. A few days ago I visited my local Apple Store. It was quite a moving experience to see that people had used different coloured post-it notes to create a memorial wall. As I stood there reading their messages I realized that he had a profound effect on so many people from all over the world with his innovative technology.

© Jens Preshaw

In 2005 the co-founder of Apple computers and Pixar Animation Studios gave the commencement address at Stanford University. It’s very inspirational and one of my favourite speeches.

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The Photographer’s Ephemeris

For about six months now I have been using this great app on my iPhone4 for planning outdoor photography trips. It is called The Photographer’s Ephemeris and it allows you to figure out when and where the sun will rise and set when shooting landscape or urban images. You can also determine the time and direction of the moonrise and moonset. There are additional features like phases of the moon and % of illumination etc. The TPE for iOS has recently been updated with some improvements. Any outdoor photographer will find this brilliant app very useful.

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iPhone4 – Useful Photography App

I purchased my iPhone 4 at the end of July when they went on sale in Canada, so I’ve had mine for about eight months. As a photographer I really like some of the useful apps that you can download for free or purchase from the Apple App Store. The iBooks app is free and most people use it to download books onto their iPhone or iPad. What I really like about it is that I’ve been able to download many of the user’s manuals as PDF’s from the Nikon website. On my iPhone I now have the manuals for my camera, several lenses and my flash.

This is really useful when you are out shooting images and you want to quickly check the manual in regards to settings for your camera or flash. The manuals themselves are big, bulky and heavy. You don’t want to be carrying all this additional weight in your camera pack. To have them all contained and so easily accessible on your iPhone is really helpful for any amateur or professional photographer.

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