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The Mink – Mustela vison

This morning I was photographing Bald Eagles when I spotted a Mink scurrying between large pieces of driftwood in a wetlands area. Minks are dark brown in colour and they have a long bushy tail. Their fur is dense and lustrous and serves as insulation even in water. Despite not having webbed feet, they swim well. They’re very efficient hunters and will often attack much larger prey. They eat birds, fish, crustaceans, small mammals and amphibians. This Mink ran right up to me and very close to the legs of my tripod. It showed no fear and I was kind of startled by how bold it was as it investigated the human photographer. They are tricky to get a photo of because they are constantly in motion.

The American Mink – Mustela vison
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Mount Seymour

Last night we received some heavy rain in Vancouver and I knew it would be snowing in the mountains. Early this morning I snowshoed up to the summit of Mount Seymour and it was difficult breaking trail and carrying all of my photography equipment. However, it was worth the effort because as the sun rose the clouds started to burn off and combined with the fresh snow it created great conditions for photography. On the summit where it receives the most snow and the winds are strongest there were some beautiful snow ghosts. It was a great day and after all that exercise I will sleep well tonight. Below is an Envira gallery of images. Click on the first photo in the top left hand corner and then use the left and right keys on your keyboard to move through the gallery of images.

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It was a nice evening to take images, there wasn’t a breath of wind, a warm temperature and a beautiful sunset. In the first image I like how the boardwalk slowly curves to the right and visually draws you in, leading your eye to the gate and the stop sign. In the second photo the sun was low on the horizon and as it shone through the lantern it created an interesting green shadow on the wall behind it.

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